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Our surveillance services include: - Covertly watch a person - Covertly take photos of cheating spouses, insurance fraud subjects - Covertly take Video cheating spouses and insurance fraud subjects - Covertly watch a person’s daily activity for collecting evidence to present in court - Track and follow a person to a hidden location



The court system can be confusing, intimidating and costly. CSI investigators take the mystery out of the court experience. CSI investigators have hundreds of hours in court preparation. The average DEA agent advises the attorneys on the legal direction of a case. CSI investigators are comfortable with the court system and the collection of evidence. Locating and interviewing witnesses can make or break a case. CSI investigators have years of experience converting some of the most hardened criminals into credible witnesses. Regardless of the crime, most people are led by their conscience. CSI investigators are experts with influencing some of the toughest criminals into a place where they want to relieve their conscience and do the right thing. Empowered with the truth, the victim and/or the attorney can decide whether or not the witness is credible. ​In addition to taking investigative photographs, reviewing evidence can be tedious and boring. CSI investigators have experience in going through mounds of documents, phone records, and financial records. CSI investigators understand that the smallest thing can mean the difference between losing or winning a case. As former DEA agents, they fully understand the severe penalty for an inaccurate testimony or lying on the witness stand.



During my service as a Dallas Police Officer, I specialized in answering domestic calls. I realized that there are many reasons people find themselves trapped in an unproductive relationship. The traps are often due to financial, psychological or emotional dependence. The problem occurs when the other spouse takes advantage of that dependence, leaving the victim feeling helpless and empty. Checkmate Surveillance Investigators (CSI) is built on the premise of empowering the victim with court-worthy evidence that levels the financial playing field. Often victims feel or are told that their financial support is due to the gratefulness of the supporting spouse. CSI prides itself in providing evidence and expert testimony that will allow the victim to legally exit an abusive relationship with the deserved financial support to live a healthy and secure life.



Businesses lose millions of dollars in unpaid goods and services each year. The local police and Sheriff’s Departments do not have the technical resources nor the human resources to search for these criminals adequately. Again, the legal process can be long and often does not offer much if the person can not be found. As retired DEA agents CSI investigators are experts in locating people with limited information. CSI investigators know that it is almost impossible to live in today's society without leaving a paper trail. CSI investigators are trained in finding and following that trail not only in the United States but all over the world.



Each year insurance companies pay out thousands of dollars to fraudulent insurance claims, while legitimate claims are delayed, leaving the injured victim waiting in pain while their claims are processed. With over 30 years of surveillance experience, CSI investigators have been tested by following some of the most notorious drug traffickers in the world. CSI prides itself on being able to outsmart some of the most professional counter-surveillance experts in the illegal industry. With the use of technical surveillance equipment, patience and law enforcement experience, CSI can almost guarantee success in 90% of our cases.



Sometimes the courts are unfair and outdated when it comes to child custody cases. One cannot make the general assumption that a child is better with one parent over another. However, it is difficult to convince the courts of this old assumption without sufficient evidence. Gathering this evidence takes time, patience and the dedicated ability to collect overwhelming proof. CSI investigators are trained and tested in the art of conducting hours and days of surveillance gathering discreet evidence. Staying alert and anticipating that a case breaking event can happen at any second is always on the mind of a CSI investigator.



Level II Necessary course to be a noncommissioned (unarmed) security officer in the State of Texas. Objectives of the training will include: - Conflict resolution use of force - Self defense - Detainment and arrest - Radio procedures - Report writing and observation training Level III Level 2 instruction with firearms qualification to become commissioned (armed) security officer. - Weapons transition - Stance - Commands - Patrol approach - Report writing - Cover/concealment approach - Handcuffing - Defensive tactics - Baton/pepper spray - Firearms safety




Contact us to find out more about how our investigations and training services serve your needs

LTC instruction classes designed to: - Help future carriers understand their rights and seriousness of firearm ownership - Explain weapon and deadly force laws - Demonstrate handgun use & safety - Proper firearm storage & practices - Train future carriers on handgun proficiency

NAICS Codes:


561611- Investigation and Personal Background Check Services


561621- Security Systems Services (Except Locksmiths)


624230 Disaster Relief

561612- Security Guards and Patrol Services

541690 Security Consulting/Risk Analysis Services


• CSI specializes in giving threat prevention and         workplace, with a perfect record of client satisfaction.


• Homes


• Churches


• Schools


Executive Protection

With adaptable and fully confidential services, our clients can thrive


Armed / Unarmed / Patrol Security Officers / Plainclothes ITV monitoring system

Outstanding guard services for organizations or individuals-provided on the requested basis. These officers can operate throughout the world  with extensive law enforcement and military experience. 


Basic/Advance Surveillance Techniques


• Stationary

• Roving


Investigative Training

Room Clearing Techniques

Room Searching Techniques

Subpoena Delivery Service

Tactical Shooting

Active shooter training

Report Writing


Interview Techniques


• Basic

• Advance


Past Performance


  • Dallas Police Officer


  • Retired US Army Veteran


  • Special Agent with Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)


  • Investigator for the Texas Veterinary Board of Medical

  • Examiners Office


  • Investigator the United States Department of State


  • Bastrop County Public Defender’s Office


  • Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation


  • Texan Legal Law Firm


  • Anderson & Anderson Law Firm


CSI is a  HUB Certified, Minority, Service Disabled Veteran Own Business (MSDVOSB) with 35 years of experience in Federal / State Law.


We offer the latest technology and the most modern Security and investigative techniques.


DUNS: 045432623

CAGE:  87QG5

HUB: 1832502665800/512631


Anthony Woods


"I used Checkmate Surveillance Investigators for the first time to find a long lost relative and was extremely impressed with their professionalism. CSI found solid information and leads within 24 hours."

Jill, (Houston, TX)



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