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As a child, I lived in the single parent home. My mother worked two jobs. After leaving one job by bus, she would come home, prepare dinner then catch another bus to her second job. I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing first hand what happens when one of the two parents fail to uphold their responsibilities. Now after thirty years in law enforcement I have worked cases that involved the destruction of families and businesses when people choose to break the law. My thirty-three years in the military has also shown me the rights people have as Americans to live a safe and prosperous life. However, for every person, family or parent doing the right thing, criminal elements are trying to deprive them of those rights.

Checkmate Surveillance Investigators (CSI) is a company designed to serve the victim. We have been blessed to obtain the skills and training that guaranty success when apprehending the criminal element. As a police officer, I served the citizens of Dallas with dedication and enthusiasm. My area of responsibility was often recognized for being a low crime area. As a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, I gave no less than one hundred percent and led difficult investigations that resulted in the dismantling of local, state, federal and International organizations. With the unique skills gained from hundreds of hours of surveillance, locating criminals and testifying in court. We bring a higher level of support that most companies don’t have and cannot offer.

CSI is dedicated to serving its customers. We are well trained and committed to bringing the criminal element to justice. Our goal is to provide the victim with the tools and evidence that conveys confidence and peace of mind of knowing that they are physically and financially secure. When a person feels safe, they focus on the essential things like family, career and personal growth. Each customer is a reminder of my life, my mother, childhood or my profession. Commitment comes from being able to put yourself in the other person shoes, and legitimately feel their pain. CSI’s definition of success is bringing our customers closure and peace of mind, anything less is a failure.



To create an affordable nationwide network of professional private investigators who specializes in civil litigation such as cheating spouses, insurance fraud, along with locating missing people and debtors.

Checkmate Surveillance Investigators wants to leverage our proven investigation skills and experience to help every client and create a personalized service that exceeds their expectations.



Years Law

Enforcement Experience



Military Experience

Retired DEA


Special Agent


Our company works with the ideal technology to obtain the necessary evidence to solve your case in a 100% verifiable way. We can get the shots you need without a hitch, giving you solutions and peace of mind.

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